Terms and Conditions at Hotel Monterilla


You can find our most relevant policies, terms and conditions related to our fees and bookings for your stay at Hotel Monterilla here.

Pre-booking without confirmation

You may cancel your pre-booking up to 48 hours before check-in. You must do it by sending an email to hotel@monterilla.cl No cancellation by phone or any other means will be accepted.

Unconfirmed pre-bookings will be annulled.


Check-in and check-out times

Check-in is at 14:00. If you wish to access your room before check-in time, you must pay for the previous night.

Check-out is at 12:00.


Bookings confirmed by payment

  1. If you are Chilean and made your booking and paid through our website, you must take into account that the 19% IVA tax rate applied in Chile will be charged at the moment you check-in. We will provide an invoice with the total amount of your purchase, including taxes.
  2. Cancellations have a cost that represents the commission taken by PayPal, which is 6%. For this reason, refunds will only be 94% of the total amount for the booking, and will be done exclusively to the corresponding PayPal account. No bank transfers will be made.
  3. There will be no refunds in case of no-shows.
  4. Checking out before the scheduled date must be notified at the reception desk at least 24 hours prior to departure. Refunds of any remaining balance dues will be done as mentioned on sections 1 and 2.


Fees to Tourists

If you are a foreign tourist (non-resident in Chile) and you pay in dollars (at hotels and tour agencies) you are tax exempt (19% additional value).

Remember: this benefit is exclusive to foreigners that do not reside in Chile, and becomes effective at the moment you check-in by presenting the Tarjeta Única Migratoria (TUM) that identifies you as a tourist that does not live in Chile.


Hotel Monterilla and website ownership

This website, its components, the “Monterilla” brand, its dominion and resulting products as well as the Monterilla hotel, located at Dos Norte 65, Viña del Mar, Chile are property of Hotelera Plaza México Ltda.

If you have any complaints, comments or congratulations that you wish to express, we will be eager to address them at ventas@monterilla.cl