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In any trip, be it for business or pleasure, rest is one of the most important aspects.

Our 24 rooms in Viña del Mar are equipped with every service and all amenities needed to make your stay simply perfect.

  • Central heating
  • Safety box
  • Fast WiFi
  • Eco-friendly amenities
  • Natural lighting
  • Non-smoking

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Single Rooms

Rooms for one person, with a full or King-sized bed and the perfect environment to enjoy a good night of sleep. Our rooms offer a desk, reading armchair and a small working table that can also be used to have a snack or meal.

  • 1 guest
  • Starting at $71.000 (US $87)
Habitaciones en Viña del Mar - Single - Hotel Monterilla
Habitaciones en Viña del Mar - Doble - Hotel Monterilla

Double Room

Rooms for two people, with a full (or King-sized) bed. It can also be equipped with twin beds. They offer a desk, a table and couch inside a broad and comfortable space.

  • 2 guests
  • Starting at $110.400 (US$136)

Triple room

Family room for three people, equipped with a King-sized bed and a twin bed or three twin beds. Ideal for a couple with a child o three friends. It offers a desk and a couch.

  • 3 guests
  • $131.200 (US$162)
Habitaciones en Viña del Mar - Triple - Hotel Monterilla
Departamento en Viña del Mar - Hotel Monterilla


Apartment for up to four people, ideal for families or small groups. It can be equipped with a full bed and two twin beds or four twin beds. It offers a desk and a couch within two separate rooms, a pantry and an equipped kitchenette.

  • 4 guests
  • $147.700 (US$182)