How to get to Viña del Mar and to Hotel Monterilla

The best location in Viña del Mar

Hotel Monterilla is located at Dos Norte 65, Viña del Mar. In other words, the best place you could find for your stay in the city.

  • A few steps away from Casino Municipal de Viña del Mar
  • A few steps away from the gastronomic hot spot of the city
  • One block away from the sea
  • Five blocks away from the city center
  • A few steps away from public transport
  • Perfect connection to all exit ways
Paisaje de la Plaza del Hotel Monterilla para identificar ubicación en viña del mar

Find yourself in the map

Every road leads to Hotel Monterilla

How to arrive from the airport

The airport at Santiago is located 120 km away from our city. From there you can choose from several different options to get to Viña del Mar.

  • Car Rental: If you rent a car, you must take Route 88 (which is appropriately signaled at the exit of the airport) and you must pass two tolls on the way (approximately 1.200 Chilean pesos each).
  • Transfer to Viña del Mar: You may take it at the airport; the average cost is 38 thousand Chilean pesos per two people.
  • Bus: the best option is to first take a bus to Terminal Pajaritos (the first stop) and then take another bus to Viña del Mar (approximately 5.000 pesos).
Mapa de cómo llegar a Viña del Mar desde aeropuerto
Mapa de cómo llegar a Viña del Mar desde la zona

How to get there from within the area (Agua Santa Avenue)

Hotel Monterilla is located at Dos Norte 65, Viña del Mar,Chile.

To get to our hotel (from Agua Santa Avenue) you just have to turn right on Alvarez Street, go straight for two blocks and turn left on Ecuador Street.

Go straight down Ecuador Street until you reach Puente Ecuador (Ecuador Bridge, which crosses over Estero Marga-Marga); go across Puente Ecuador and cross Uno Norte Avenue, then turn left on Tres Norte.

Go around the block and you will find Hotel Monterilla.

How to get there from Valparaiso (España Avenue)

From Valparaiso to Viña del Mar, the easiest and fastest way to go is by taking España Avenue, which goes along the coast and is the main avenue that connects both cities.

Near the end of the road, you must take the exit towards the coast (it is clearly indicated), go past the Reloj de Flores and along Marina Avenue. Finally, cross Puente Ecuador until you reach Dos Norte Avenue and turn right.

If you take a taxi, it will have to follow the same route.

There are a lot of local buses at Valparaíso that depart from Errázuriz Avenue and that will drop you off at Marina Avenue or near Uno Norte Avenue, a few steps away from Hotel Monterilla.

Mapa de cómo llegar a Viña del Mar desde Valparaíso