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Excellent location, great starting point for exploring Viña del Mar


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02/10/2011 Categoría: Recomendaciones de nuestros pasajeros, Reputación Escrito por: jbarahona

“This hotel is made up of two (or three??) old houses that have been remodeled and interconnected so as to make the whole complex feel like a nice, cozy B&B. Believe me, after spending a frigid night up in the snow in Farallones, this was a great warm place at which to hang our hats.
The room decor is nice, and we were lucky to get a room in the back (I can imagine how one may be able to hear some noise on the rooms near the street, though). We had absolutely no problems with WiFi or fixed Internet access on the Macintosh computers right outside our door in the hall way.
Staff is friendly, although I did not perceive them to go exceedingly out of their way to help (for example, no one offered to take the bags ups for us to the second floor). Despite this, I later figured out (after some time in Chile) that this was just a cultural bias on my part; these folks were being helpful and friendly in their own way (a bit reserved, and disconnected, that is). Nevertheless, they did help us when we asked where we could find different spots (for example, they directed us to Concon for the best empanadas in the area).
Breakfast is basic but everything there was fresh. Check-in and check-out were trouble free and without hassles. And best of all, we were in a great location for walking around the shore and the tourist section of the city.
I definitely recommend this place and we would go back to it again.”

Lat-Am-Road-Warrior from Panama City (Tripadvisor, August 12, 2011)

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